About twelve years ago, I happened to be in Los Angeles on vacation when I decided to get my first Thai massage. I knew nothing of it but knew that I wanted a massage. So I booked an appointment, got the massage and was left in AWE of how amazing and therapeutic it was. I [...]
During my time in Chiang Mai, I found many (new to me) massage options. Thai Yam Khang, Thai Fire Therapy or Thai Fire Barefoot Massage is an ancient Northern Lanna style Thai healing modality that uses heat, oil applied but using solely the feet to massage. To prepare the massage session, the therapist prepares a [...]
In late January 2024, I set off for Thailand to study traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the International Training Massage School (ITM). My training was an intense fulltime 5 week and some days long where I studied the fundamentals of rational Thai massage then I moved deeper into learning and understanding how [...]
A look behind the scenes of what it was like to record music for my new sound meditation album, "The Journey: Senegal." Partly recorded in Dakar Senegal and Metro Detroit. Visit here for more information about the project. Before leaving Dakar, Senegal in March of this year, my friends, Sona, Elhadji, & Khadim gave me [...]
I hope that you enjoy this waterfall meditation intended to give a gentle energy boost. Recorded in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the Doi Suthep mountain forest. Special thanks to my young Thai friend, IT for helping to support the creation of this video.
I am excited to share with you my new meditation album, The Journey: Senegal! After a year of creating, reimagining and meditation, I connect the past and future with sounds behind stories told by Griots of days old. The Journey: Senegal is how I imagine the shores of West Africa bridging through waves that ripple [...]
When I was first introduced to sound healing in February 2019, it was during an experience that began with crystal singing bowls and it opened me up to a new meditation world. When I started using sound as a tool to meditate, I leaned into practicing and soon amassed a beautiful and effective crystal singing [...]
Detroit: Join me Tuesday, June 15th at 630pm EST for Sankofa Mind + Body’s Twilight Sound Bath Meditation. This sound bath meditation is being hosted in a private garden and will include a combination of voice to guide you, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, natural sounds, and more to create a tapestry of vivid healing sounds [...]
Detroit: Join Sankofa Mind + Body and yoga instructor Sylena June 19, 2021 at 1oooam for the Juneteenth Yoga Brunch; a monthly summer 420 friendly chill yoga & sound meditation experience centered on self care, clearing the chakras to balance, restore, detox stress, emotional trauma, and anxiety. Agenda: – 0945/1000 Fire Circle / Intros – [...]