Ali Kpeto and Olivia Stevenson-Howard Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship Donation Dive, Hohoe Ghana

Ali Kpeto and Olivia Stevenson-Howard – Basket Ball Skills Camp – 2021 Hohoe, Ghana

I am Olivia Indigo Stevenson-Howard. Currently, a student at Eastern Michigan University studying sports, performance and fitness entrepreneurship. In Ghana, I am pursuing my love for basketball, training and encouraging healthy active lifestyles to the youth.

Growing up I played basketball for many years and have been active my whole life. I am initiating this donation drive to benefit with the Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship (MBF) headquartered in Hohoe, Ghana located in the Volta Region.

The goal of my donation drive is to be able to provide resources to over 40 children that are in the Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship program.

The Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship was established November 2019 by educator and community activist, Ali Kpeto. Currently, Ali along with three supporting community members run the organization and are looking for ways to be a bigger impact.

MBF uses basketball to provide mentorship, discipline and developmental outreach to youth 8-17 years of age.

Donation Goal? $1,500.00

MBF is for Everyone
Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship Donation Dive, Hohoe Ghana
Donations will fund:

• Basketballs
• T-shirts/Jerseys
• Basketball Shoes
• A portable basketball hoop

Basketball is more than just a game. It is a way to positively impact the lives of young people to make this world a better place.

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I will be in Ghana July – August 2021 along with Sankofa Passport volunteering and learning. Please follow along my adventure and see the work and your donation in action.

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