“Third Eye Open. This is how I can describe my first ever Sound Bath Meditation With Tafari, the owner of Sankofa Mind and Body. 

I did not know what to expect as I had never journeyed down this path of wellness before. But I knew that if I kept my conscious mind open, my subconscious mind would follow. And that is exactly what happened. 

I journeyed into a space, facilitated by Tafari, that was subconsciously warm and peaceful. In the world that we currently reside, where trauma and crisis has and can occur and trigger from day to day living and escalated by the news. To purposefully declare Self Care is a declaration of self-independence. 

Tafari created a space in which my Third Eye vibrated to the sounds of rainforest mist laying like dew on tropical leaves, birds sang in symphony as only Nature’s orchestra can do when channeling treble and bass in tandem. My Third Eye sent vibrations of tranquility throughout my body and I found momentary peace within a troubled world.

I was “bathed” by Sound. An awakening. A cleansing. Cosmic. Indeed.”