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Hibiscus is not only one of my favorite flowers, it is also one of my favorite flowers for tea! The dried petals are perfect for a wide range of tea/drink options offering wonderful tart and bold floral flavor. Dried hibiscus flowers stand on their own as a tea option but when you add other ingredients, [...]
I got my first amber at Detroit’s African World Festival many years ago. It was a string of raw amber beads from Mali that I had made into a wonderful wrap bracelet that I wear when I need to have my energy grounded. Needless to say, these beads are one of my favorite wellness tools! [...]
A snippet in time from our 1st Yoga Brunch of the year with yoga instructor Randi Ran. It was a beautiful sunny morning with gentle breezes, singing birds, beautiful energy and people. Looking forward to our next session set for... August 8th at 9:30am!!! Detroit: Join Sankofa Mind + Body and yoga instructor Randi July [...]
After some traumatic life experiences three years ago that affected my mental and emotional well-being, I turned to yoga to help refocus and heal myself. Since beginning my practice, I have been pushing and challenging my abilities and limits to see how far I could go. I have been happy and amazed with my growth! [...]