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The last few weeks have been trying with so many stories of racial injustice, police brutality as we are all still managing a new normal during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m feeling it and I know that I am not alone. Let’s come together tomorrow for a community meditation and let’s bring some peace into our [...]
I treated myself to a new larger crown chakra sound bowl that I’ve been eyeing for a while! It arrived yesterday and it was perfect timing! Last night, I broke the new bowl in with a candle lit and smokey meditation at midnight & it was just what I needed to clear my mind! My [...]
My Happy Place: A beach. Hot sand. Gentle warm breezes. The smell of the ocean. The sounds of palm fronds rustling the wind & waves crashing. This is where I want to be! When I meditate, this scene is where I am. Safe. Happy. Warm. Black. Unbothered. Healing from with. This week, my meditation practice [...]