Midnight Divinity

I treated myself to a new larger crown chakra sound bowl that I’ve been eyeing for a while! It arrived yesterday and it was perfect timing!

Last night, I broke the new bowl in with a candle lit and smokey meditation at midnight & it was just what I needed to clear my mind!

My focus was on 5th – 7th chakras to release things and energy that was not serving me!

Throat – the 5th chakra relates to speaking our truth, being our truths and speaking up for what we believe in and what we want.

3rd eye – the 6th chakra is the center of spiritual wisdom and seat of intuition and the sixth sense.. It’s a sense of knowing beyond words, or seeing what’s left unsaid.

Crown – the 7th chakra is about knowing that we are all one. This means that we are all energy, and all created from the same energy. It’s also about knowing that although Earth appears very solid, it is in fact, mostly space and water.

I felt so clear and focused after this meditation! Not to mention, I slept like a baby right after.