I treated myself to a new larger crown chakra sound bowl that I’ve been eyeing for a while! It arrived yesterday and it was perfect timing! Last night, I broke the new bowl in with a candle lit and smokey meditation at midnight & it was just what I needed to clear my mind! My [...]
This 30-minute meditation set to ocean sounds recorded at Akuma Village in Accra, Ghana is intended to restore internal peace and calm. Take a moment to breathe and let go of all that does not serve you. Take a moment to reflect what’s important for you to maintain and achieve your best self. Take a [...]
Just quick chakra tweak from the neck up and some sage smoke to give us all some clarity and to clear the air space around us! Throat Chakra or  Vishuddha: Governs the thyroid, metabolism and immune system. It is the center of our ability to speak our truth, express ourselves and communicate with the world [...]