Akuma Village Waves

This 30-minute meditation set to ocean sounds recorded at Akuma Village in Accra, Ghana is intended to restore internal peace and calm. Take a moment to breathe and let go of all that does not serve you. Take a moment to reflect what’s important for you to maintain and achieve your best self. Take a moment to trust yourself.

BACKSTORY: On the day that I learned KLM canceled my flight out of Ghana because of the increasing spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, I purposefully focused on remaining calm after my initial WTH moment.

After some crazy hold times, slow internet, and a pointless 45-minute walk to the US embassy under the Accra sun, I was able to finally get help and was confirmed on the last flight leaving Ghana before the border lockdown.

It was such a hectic day! One that I may never forget!

Hours later, everything was settled so I jumped on a motor bike to Akuma Village, a Rasta Village. I knew I could relax here and have some pineapple ginger juice and some Amnesia all while enjoying the sound of the waves.

I longed for the energy and sound of water to wash away the vibes from earlier in the day.

Arriving about 4pm, I stayed well past sunset listening to the calming waves before going back to my apartment to pack.

Walking away, I felt like a new man. I was reset. Cleansed!