November 22, 2019


by: Tafari

More to Maracas

This maraca was created my friend, Cacique Paruanã, a shaman from the Kariri Xoxo people of Brazil. The Kariri Xoco are located about 3-4 from Salvador, Bahia and are about 3,000 members strong! After I accepted this beautiful maraca, it was consecrated by ceremony and fire under the full Beaver moon.

I’m so very excited to use this healing and cleaning maraca as part of my practice and look forward to sharing this piece of Brazil with those souls that I will interact with during meditation practice during our fire circles.

If you’re in Detroit Sunday, November 24, 2019, come get some of this!!! Meditation practice begins at 1030am at the N’namdiMovement Center in midtown Detroit!