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It’s Monday. It’s autumn. The fall/winter holidays are approaching. Some can move through these days and events with daily ease while others need a little help. Here are a few tips to help you get/stay/or open up to aligning your life and chakras. Quick ways to initiate a reset/balance: Take a yoga class or practices […]

On November 1, 2019, I left for Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for an awesome adventure. The purpose was to provide logistical support for The Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat, offered by my friend and brother, Kamean AKA The Kemetic Yogi. I also planned to do some spiritual work and searching as well, as I continue walking down a […]

Hey Detroit, I am making my way back and can’t wait to share my Brazilian experiences with you! Let’s start these conversations this Sunday at the N’namdi Movement Center for our Sound Bath Meditation. Offered in the heart of Detroit’s cultural district, our sound meditation is a 60-minute experience that alternates between sound immersion, vibration, […]

This maraca was created my friend, Cacique Paruanã, a shaman from the Kariri Xoxo people of Brazil. The Kariri Xoco are located about 3-4 from Salvador, Bahia and are about 3,000 members strong! After I accepted this beautiful maraca, it was consecrated by ceremony and fire under the full Beaver moon. I’m so very excited […]