November 22, 2022


by: Tafari


Categories: Bali, Energy, Energy Balance, Healing, Life Balance, Sacral, Salvador, Travel, Ubud

Sound Meditation in Ubud, Bali | Pyramids of Chi

While on my honeymoon in Bali, I spent some time at Pyramids of Chi, a sound meditation/healing center that I fell in love after some great sound meditation experiences.

These session were a great treat for me to indulge and let go with the relaxed vibe and gentle guiding.

My 1st sessions was with Balinese facilitator, Adi who really reached my should with his gentle approach. I walked away feeling renewed!

My 2nd experience became a blur almost. I recap laying down. Breathing. Getting comfortable and then I hear a gong. The rest is unknown history. I only remember opening my eyes and wondering how time seemed to move faster than minutes in New York City.

Each experience I attended was deep and included beautiful bowl sounds, flutes, voice, bells, chimes, didgeridoo, drums, and more. As a sound meditation facilitator, these sessions were really something that I needed!

Healers need healing too!