Join Sankofa Mind + Body’s Sound Bath Meditation Sunday, March 28th at 9pm for the Full Worm Moon Manifestation Sound Bath Meditation. This renewing session will begin with a fire circle to unite us as we speak our intention and desires into the ether. After preparation, we will transition into the sound bath meditation, which [...]
Join Sankofa Mind + Body’s Sound Bath Meditation Halloween night, Saturday, October 31st at 8pm for the Full Hunter's Moon Cacao + Sound Bath Meditation ceremony, downtown Detroit. This special sessions will begin with a social distancing fire circle and an energetic Ceremonial Cacao + live African drumming to release the past and all things that [...]

Throughout the year, I maintain fresh flowers in my home. It’s pretty easy for me in the spring through fall because I can clip blooms and things from my gardens. During the long winter months, I rely on local markets to keep me supplied with colorful blooms until I can reap the benefits of my […]

Svadhisthana or sacral chakra is the second of the seven-charka (energy) system and it's is located between the base of your spine and your navel. Our sacral chakra connects us with our emotional body, joy,  sensuality, pleasure, & creativity. It is also the foundation of a healthy ego, which allows us to interact with the world from [...]

It wasn’t so long ago that I was in Brazil living, learning, exploring, & putting work in between Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. I’m so excited to announce that I will be returning to Rio de Janeiro late April and will be co-facilitating another life lifting workshop with my friend, Prandhara Prem! Sunday, April […]

Hey Friends! Tomorrow night, we are hosting a full moon ceremony in Metro Detroit! We will begin by enjoying sacred smoke and ceremonial cacao, which has been used for centuries as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart as well as to people around you and It allows you to go […]

Are you curious about how to live a life of true freedom? Or how to bounce back after facing adversity in your life? Are you ready to truly understand and love yourself and improve your relationships? I’m so excited to let you know about “Prandhara’s Flow: How to reach Self Mastery” hosted by my friend […]

The new year is approaching and so are new adventures, growth, and opportunities! I’m happy to announce that my first travel adventure of 2020 will be with my singing bowls as I make my way to Washington D.C. Friday, January 17th, I will be doing a pop up sound bath meditation at Bikram Yoga Works’ […]

Welp, I didn’t tell the full truth! HAHA! The last Sunday Sound Mediation of the year will be this coming Sunday, December 29, 2019 @ 1030am at the N’Namdi Movement Center. LET’S CELEBRATE the end of 2019 and PREPARE for 2020! Offered in the heart of Detroit’s cultural district, our sound meditation is a 60-minute experience […]

Sound Bath Meditation happening Sunday, December 15, 2019 @ 1030am at the N’namdi Movement Center & my new cards just came in!!!! Offered in the heart of Detroit’s cultural district, our sound meditation is a 60-minute experience that alternates between sound immersion, vibration, and silence to help move practitioners to a state of peaceful calm. [...]