Chakra Clearing in Rio

Recently, I mentioned my experience working with Prandhara Prem in Rio de Janeiro, who partnered with me for a chakra clearing workshop through her Copacabana tantra practice.

Prandhara Prem moved us through synchronizing our energy with fluid body movement which led us to then deep deep deep deep chakra breathing.


As seen in the video here, the experience started off gently and we gradually picked up momentum through body movement and breathing to reach, clear, & energize our chakra system.

Chakra breathing enables you to become aware of and experience the seven chakras. This style of meditation is active and uses deep rapid breathing and movement often with music to help bring energy and clarity to the chakras. WOW! I think you need this in your life! What an experience.

During the meditation, I felt myself transforming in the moment as I felt a burning inside that was awakening something. By the time we moved from the sacral to the throat chakra, I had an overwhelming sexual sensation that enhanced by visions of light in my mind.

As we moved through, the music would intensify then relax almost as a guide as Prandhara Prem chanted mantras to stir our movements and enhance our sense of clarity – chakra to chakra.

Toward the end, breathing and listening to my breath kept me engaged and focused while increasing my sense of internal peace.

Getting to Rio may not be an easy act for most but should you find yourself in this exciting city, be sure to check Prandhara Prem‘s website for offerings and schedule. You may just get lucky and catch her in the United States. Otherwise, please check your local area tantra healing network to see if chakra breathing is an option near you.