Noticing Divine Beauty

A Rememory: There are so many animals living on the Eco Parque da Mata compound. Some creatures are domesticated others semi domesticated, and many wild things occupy this space.

On a hot Saturday morning in November, I was practicing yoga and noticed I was being watched by a curious gang of monkeys. Little grey monkeys. While laying on my yoga mat, I observed so many ants. Busy ants, different kinds of ants. All carrying bits and pieces, which reminded me of National Geographic rainforest documentaries. I later spotted this beautiful, chill, peahen. Peacocks get all the glory and desire because of their grand plumes like many male species of birds but the beautiful peahen allowed me to capture her grandness. This divine and feminine being.

I thought seeing the peahen was a good way to wrap my head around the appreciation of spaces that occupy masculine and feminine energy. Many of the practices I engaged in while in the rainforest of Bahia, Brazil were about balancing energies and the importance of accessing your masculine AND feminine space. To be specific, The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine!

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is equally within us (men and women), our behaviors, thought-processes and natural tendencies that dictate the balance of the complementing energies; like yin and yang, unseen but felt. Our optimal potential is met in the synchronous incorporation and balance of our internal Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.

The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, psychological, archetypal ideal—the best and most inspiring, elevating, and restorative aspects of masculine expression and manifestation in the universe. Manifestation of these characteristics include logic, rationality, strength, and leadership.

The Divine Feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. This energy is the height of mother–fertile, intuitive, patient, nurturing and healing.  As with the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine is within us all.  We all have the ability to grow ideas, grow life, protect love, and a heightened intuition.

Check out this great video of Ralph Smart a.k.a. Infinite Waters giving a passionately wonderful talk on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.