Here I Come: An Introduction…

Here’s a video introduction of Sankofa Mind + Body and myself that I prepared for my friends at Bliss Yoga Accra in preparation of my upcoming visit and sessions at their studio.

I have 2 planned sessions with Bliss Yoga Accra happening in a few short weeks so if you’re in Accra area, I would love to connect and meditate with you!

Accra Ghana Sessions

  • March 11th Sankofa Mind + Body “Guided Sound Meditation” – An Intro to Sound Meditation

Experience the soothing sounds of seven Tibetan Singing Bowls that are tuned in alignment with our chakra system. During this session, you will be gently guided to relax your mind and body into state of internal bliss while focusing on your breath.

  • March 14th: Sankofa Mind + Body “Chakra Bounce” – Chakra Breathing + Sound Bath with live drumming

Chakra Bounce is an experience that will lead you through movement and breath work that is designed to help you breathe into your energy to become aware of and experience the awakening seven chakras. Following this invigorating breath exercise, we will move into a sound bath meditation to deepen the effects of the chakra breathing to clear you Root to Crown.

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