Leap Year + The Magic

The 29th of February happens once every four years, which leads many people to believe that the day holds significant spiritual meaning.

Dating back to Julius Caesar circa 45BC, February 29th was meant as a way to balance out the inconsistencies in the 365-day calendar.

In numerology, the number 29 breaks down to 11 (2+9), a master number, which is known as being a number of awakening and spiritual enlightenment.

The number 2, as in the second month of the year (February), has a different energy force. Coming immediately after the one, a number of leadership and self-sufficiency, the number two contains the meaning of pursuing soul’s purpose, mission, voice.

It is considered to represent a feminine energy, which is related to a deeper understanding of life and the energy of teamwork and creation. With this energy, we can feel love, compassion, faith, trust, balance and harmony. Think HEART CHAKRA!

With all this pending goodness, Sankofa Mind + Body is hosting a Leap Year Experience!

The Magic: A Psychedelic Sound Bath Experience

The special session begins with a sacred smoke fire circle to connect everyone. After preparation, we will take a trip into a chakra clearing sound bath meditation to get us fully charged.

The sound bath includes a combination of voice to guide you, breath work , crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and more to create a tapestry of vivid healing sounds to bring you to a place of deep relaxation and bodily bliss.


  • February 29th
  • Door + Readings Open 9pm
  • Private West Detroit Location / Come Dressed Chill
  • Sun + Moon Readings by CV of Art of the Zodiac
  • Cannabis Friendly

Consider Bringing

  • Small blanket
  • Small pillow
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Positivity