September 20, 2019


by: Tafari


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Yoga Bath + Sound Bath 2.0 Recap

Last Saturday was absolutely amazing in all the ways that I hoped for. The Yoga Bath at the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art attracted souls from across the Detroit area who gathered in a space that was not only beautiful with amazing art from Detroiters but it was also a healing space filled with light!

The day began with an introduction Fire Circle, which is a circle of conscious celebration intended to inspire all who participate to live more meaningful, rewarding, joyous, creative and empowered lives.

We then transitioned to a 45-minute guided sound mediation in the main gallery.

With the amount of space in the gallery, I was able to move between the practitioners with bowls vibrating to deepen the experience for all. As I moved through on this occasion, I focused on three chakras for everyone; sacral, heart, & throat.

The post reaction and feedback to this piece was well received and some shared the effects felt mentally, emotionally, & physically. This stirred many conversations and ah ha moments through the morning!

You have to feel it for yourself!

After the meditation, we had some light refreshments then moved into a wonderful yoga flow with Simone Winter who continued the theme of loving yourself, being good to yourself and stretching your possibilities. Her playlist was also fire and you can check it out on Spotify.

After the morning stretch, we feasted on cuisine provided by chef Sunflower, owner of LuckyPistil and it was all fire! She provided us with several vegan amuse-bouche and tea sandwiches. We also had great replenishing fresh fruits!

On deck:

  • Tofu curry apple tapas with tamarind saffron jam
  • The vegan Chorizo sloppy Joe
  • Endive with cannelloni bean truffle mousse

Did I mention this was a cannabis friendly event with cannabis cuisine? What a LIT morning!!!

In the evening, the Sound Bath 2.0 experience was a thing! So very happy to have had Drummer B and Kai Alce guide us through with sexy, vibrant, and inspired selections that made the full Harvest Moon that much more special!

It’s always fun to be in a room filled with spirits that are gathered for the purpose of community and life celebration!

Making all of this even better is that I was able to organize the elements along with Igzebe N’Namdi in less than 30 days. WOW!!!

I can’t thank Pabst Blue Ribbon enough for the support and sponsoring the Sound Bath 2.0 experience.

I also want to thank Nonzwakazi Hill for managing the day and ensuring that things ran like a well-oiled machine.

Thanks to Drummer B and Kai Alce for killing it on the decks!

Thanks to Simone for your calming presence and awesomeness.

Thanks to chef Sunflower for knocking the food out of the park!

Thanks to Chris Campbell for the press and guidance!

Thanks to AJ Williams of the Michigan Chronicle for helping us spread the word (did you read the article???)

Most of all, I would like to give a humongous thanks to Igzebe N’Namdi and the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art for seeing the vision and working with Sankofa Mind + Body to make this all happen. My gratitude is undying!

It took an action focused village to bring it and we got there!

So… with this, stay tuned for some great news that’s a result of all of this wonderfulness!!! SO EXCITING!!!



All photos © 2019 Tafari Stevenson-Howard of Photography by Tafari